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Neji realizes that he was right about fate all along.

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Welcome to Karaoke Soul, which was once the long-lived Luna Riviera. Back then, it was a nomadic, all-in-one site that bounced from server to server, dependent on other people's generosity or whichever free servers I could stand. However, as I gained my own domain, pieces of it fragmented and spun off into mini-sites that focused on certain aspects, until one day there was nothing left but the writings, many of them from when I was much younger. After this last move (no really, this time's my last) I decided that it was time to give the old name a rest, and tidy things up before re-releasing it.

I chose the name Karaoke Soul for the rebirth, because most of everything I write is fanstuff, which I've always looked at as kind of a remixing of something else, namely someone else's story and characters. Some people dismiss fan fiction as a lesser form of writing, but I think it's just as interesting, if not moreso, to see what someone else sees in something already established, and how that balances out with how others also see it. Of course, most of it seems to involve unlikely romances and badly-written sex scenes by thirteen-year-olds who have no idea what's involved, but hey, the potential is there.

If you like the site, please feel free to link back.

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I have only a beast's heart

So ... quietness broken by a new fandom.  I've been a Shinsengumi nut for over a decade; I've got novels and history books and just -- yeah.  I love them.  And so a friend introduced me to Hakuouki, and you know what?  Fuck history, there are silly pseudo-vampires and I don't care because Hijikata and Yamanami get along and everything is beautiful.  YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.  Unless you do.  So I'm going a little crazy on the writing thing, but I'm not gonna argue with myself about it.

Posted by: on 29 Jul 2011 10:44 pm(5 Comments)
because the revolution's here

Totally forgot the news update, because life has been kicking my ass.  To make up for it, though, there's three new fics up for the new Merlin section -- porn, gen-ish and meaningful because I am intent on hitting all my bases like a hooker finding a new corner.

Seriously though?  I'm absolutely in love with this fandom, oh my god.

Posted by: on 12 Mar 2010 02:25 am(1 Comments)
love is stronger than death.

I had no idea they'd started updating efiction again, but no matter! We're current now, and in celebration, have a new category and a new fic -- go read The End Complete in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! section.

Posted by: on 10 Aug 2009 11:12 am(3 Comments)